Analyzing & mapping your growth potential

How it works

We will first define what and where it really hurts:

Internal look

Are we improving the organization?

External look

Are we enlarging our market share?

Working together we will map:

The Story: Finding & defining the Narrative for conveying your message

The Change: Organizational Alignment between departments & procedures

The Sale: Defining Growth, the gap between conversion and retention

The Capital: Financial planning for your business, targets & goals

 4DOTS method

Investing in your external clients, Strategizing your business, forming an internal change through your internal clients and just being able to sell more.


Together, Everyone, Achieves, More

Who am I ?

Service orientated thinker,

Facilitator of  “The Story to Tell"

Having been an entrepreneur for 15 years in 2 major industries, always starting from the bottom (Yes, I started as dish washer) managing to reach the top  of the ladder with cross vertical skills, ambition & innovative thinking.


Now let's connect the DOTS!

    It's all about connecting !